Upgrade to 737 MAX software successful: Boeing Co

The U.S. airplane maker tested the upgraded MCAS anti-stall software on a test flight of the 737 MAX jet. On board the aircraft was its CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

In a significant development, Boeing Co stated, Dennis Muilenburg, its chief executive, had joined a test flight on a 737 MAX 7 jetliner for a demonstration of its MCAS anti-stall software.

The software is at the heart of multiple investigations following the crash of Ethiopian Flight 302 last month as well as the Lion Air accident in Indonesia five months ago.

In a statement, Boeing said, during the flight test, the flight crew performed different scenarios to test failure conditions.

“The software update worked as designed, and the pilots landed safely at Boeing Field (near Seattle),” said Boeing in a statement.

It went on to add, “Boeing will conduct additional test and demo flights as we continue to work to demonstrate that we have identified and appropriately addressed all certification requirements. We will submit the update for FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) review once that work has been completed in the coming weeks.”

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