Apple sued for “touch disease” on its series 6 smartphones

While Apple has stated that problem to be soldering becoming loose in the event of owners dropping their smartphones, but with the problem occurring in devices which have not been dropped, Apple’s appears to be caught in a fix. Many owners reacted to them problem by launching law suits.

Following a number of complaints from iPhone 6 owners and independent repair techs for months of a “touch disease” plaguing Apple’s smartphones, Apple has finally responded to these complaints.

If you have an iPhone 6 and see a flickering gray bar right across the top of the screen, and experience touchscreen responsiveness issues, alas, your iPhone 6 too has been afflicted by the “touch disease”. But despair not, help is at hand.

Squarely laying the blame for this issue on the owners, Apple said, the issue happens when the phone is “dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device.”

Long story short, if you haven’t cracked your glass, Apple will fix the problem as long as you shell out $149. There’s one more little hitch, this repair program is available only to those phones which are at least 5 years old, i.e., 5 years from the original date of purchase.

Some iPhone owners have reportedly filed lawsuits against Apple. It remains to be seen how this repair program will effect these lawsuits. Especially because many owners have claimed to have not dropped their iPhones and the problem has still occurred in them.

However, if you have repaired your iPhone 6 Plus, Apple will reimburse the difference between that cost and $149, even if you have engaged the services of an authorized technician.

While many have reported this problem in the smaller version of the iPhone 6, Jones has stated on iFixit that the larger screen size makes the 6Plus more vulnerable to the problem.

Turns out the problem is because Apple separated the smartphone’s touch controller from the phone’s logic board, which is why twisting the device can sometimes fix it, as a temporary measure.

As per a statement made by Kyle Wiens, iFixit’s CEO, Apple’s response of the problem falls short. While Apple has stated, “the problem is failed solder joints beneath the touch IC components” however the problem has occurred even on those phones which have not been dropped.

Furthermore, Apple Genius has confirmed that Apple is not repairing the devices which have been dropped at all, but is instead swapping them with refurbished phones.

Is this another Galaxy Note 7 in the making?

Check this video for more info.


One thought on “Apple sued for “touch disease” on its series 6 smartphones

  1. Shame on you Apple for not taking care of loyal customers who own(ed) your defective iPhone 6plus with “touch disease”. My phone is/was in great condition (never repaired, no cracks, no scratches) and now it’s useless unless I want to pay an additional $150!!! Shame on you for being a money-hungry, non user friendly, elitist company

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