Airbnb expands on its vision of room renting with ‘experiences’, ‘places’ and ‘services’

Not content with just renting out room spaces, Airbnb aims to provide a more immersive experience.

It’s now an open secret that Airbnb sees itself more than just a renting spare rooms company despite the fact that authorities have questioned its basic business model.

In efforts aimed at taking its business to the next logical step, Airbnb has already made some acquisitions in the “experience” space, and has run trials wherein local guides take you out for excursions to match your style of accommodation.

To give you a more concrete example of how Airbnb sees itself in the future, Brian Chesky, the company’s CEO, took the stage at the company’s “Open” event in LA to talk about its new comprehensive travel ventures, which effectively are an extension of its room rental services.

Its new experience category includes one day events and multi-day “Immersions.” Each trip can be searched by a theme/”passion” and by city. Every category includes a curt movie-styled trailer, so that you know more or less, what you have signed up for.

According to Chesky, 50% of these multi-day “immersions” will cost less than $200. These excusions termed as immersions can include anything from Korean embroidery to star photography. As for single day experiences, it can include anything from “magic to acrobatics” said Chesky.

Airbnb has also created another category called “places” which includes stuff such as audio guides created by locals to “near me now” guides. Armed with guides such as these, Airbnb aims to help you find local restaurants directly from its app.

Essentially, Airbnb is trying to fuse elements from TripAdvisor to advices left on Google Maps.

Although, Chesky has also hinted that in the future, Airbnb will include flight bookings and “services,” however he left out the details.

As of now, Airbnb, will cover 12 cities for the experiences category, which include, Paris, London, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, Nairobi, La Habana, Cape Town, Florence, Seoul and Tokyo.

In the course of 2017, Airbnb aims to add 50 more cities to this list. Eventually, it plans on having a global coverage.


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