Mini shows off prototype of its first hybrid car

Featuring an All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) the Mini with its up-to-date features is an urban commuting option. Pricing and launch dates have yet to be disclosed.

Turns out even miniscule car manufacturing companies want to tap the burgeoning smart car market: today Mini has unveiled its hybrid 4 wheel drive Countryman S E at the LA Auto Show.

In an engineering marvel, the front wheels f Mini’s all-wheel drive are powered by the gas engine while the back are powered by an electric motor.

The two powertrains pump out a combined 221 horsepower with the twin-turbo internal combustion engine throwing out 134HP and the rear providing the remaining 87.

Like most cars in this product category, the vehicle offers multiple modes of transit, which Mini terms as “eDrive modes”, depending on range and motoring style.

They include pure electric, a gas engine only mode to keep the batteries topped up and an electric with the gas engine mode when you need that burst of acceleration or high speed.

The Countryman E’s electric system is based on BMW’s all electric eDrive system that drives the BMW i3 and i8 vehicles. With Mini being part of BMW’s family, as per Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of BMW’s management board, an all-electric version of the Mini will be launched in urban areas in 2019 for navigating urban areas.

The hybrid comes with a 6.5” display for media playback and navigation as well as increased cargo space, keyless entry, fog lights, laser headlights, and a panorama sunroof.

According to the automaker, the Mini can travel comfortably for almost 25 miles in pure electric mode. Unfortunately there’s no word of pricing of when it will be launched.

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