Sarbec Cosmetics (Corine de Farme) Found the Right ‘Formula’

Sarbec Cosmetics designs, manufactures and distributes cosmetics and care-products in 115 countries, making it the world’s leading independent French cosmetics and perfumery company. The group has emblematic brands, such as Corine de Farme but also offers its expertise to customers all over the world. Is French cosmetics still the number one leader in the sector? Through years, the group has had an uninterrupted growth because of its unmatched know-how. Here is the portrait of a success story.

‘Global’ and proud to be

“If we have succeeded in expanding our exports, it’s because we were very ambitious to spread our brands abroad. We are proud to be among the companies that export their know-how!” explains Eric Jacquemet, head of Sarbec Cosmetics. This strategy nevertheless required patience, because “entering foreign markets requires time and daring” Jacquemet adds. The company currently operates in 115 countries and has half of its turnover in international markets. 600 employees work in the Group’s 10 subsidiaries developing the Group’s brands, such as Corine de Farme or Inessance Paris. In addition, Sarbec Cosmetics has focused on acquiring licenses in order to strengthen its international dimension. The company is the global distributor of Brumisateur® (atomizer) Evian® and has also been licensed with the Disney group for over 10 years (whose characters are much appreciated by children at bath time).

This international dimension is an asset for the group’s customers for whom it manufactures cosmetics and perfumes. The cosmetics market has now become global and the products have to meet the consumers’ tastes, but also the regulatory requirements. The group has thus set up a team of experts that manages these regulatory constraints. This will ensure the future and meet the growing needs in the cosmetics market. Indeed, the demand for care and beauty products is very strong, especially with the emergence of the middle classes in many countries as in Asia.

Today, the company manufactures and sells five products every second. Eric Jacquemet explains that he does not want to stop there, but consolidate the presence of his brands in the countries where it is already installed. Also, at the beginning of October, the work of a new packaging and manufacturing unit of 18000m2 will start enlarging its factory surface in the north of France to 60000m2. This expansion will allow to double the manufacturing capacity by 2017. The group also recently inaugurated a new R&D laboratory.

High-tech cosmetics

“R&D is a must in the cosmetics business where consumers, both women and men, are looking for innovative products, whether in textures or in their formulas. The sector is also a formidable field of innovation: hydration, anti-aging products, the opportunities are multiple”, justifies Eric Jacquemet. The group, which has proven its expertise in body care, has just developed ‘cream to oil’, a new generation of cream that turns into oil when in contact with the skin. The product effectiveness is enhanced thanks to the massage action to which the cream invites. R&D teams already work on some 500 projects per year, 40% of which end up on the market. Thanks to these new investments, the group has the ambition to increase its innovation efforts.

“It is also for our customers to increase the ‘sensoriality’ of the products tenfold,” says Eric Jacquemet. According to him, this is an essential dimension in cosmetics. The group does not hesitate to draw in the ‘gourmet world’ to propose moisturizing jellies similar to strawberry marmalade or even a sorbet cream that has the peculiarity of not leaving a greasy film on the skin.

In this “tasty” line, the company can also rely on its expertise in plants that consumers particularly appreciate both for their natural benefits and for their scents.

Building products around naturalness is part of Corine de Farme’s DNA which perpetuates a know-how inherited from Paul Duprez, its founder. In 1969, he created his first decoctions with plants for the skins of babies. Today, the brand has enriched its variety of products tremendously with natural ingredients for sensitive skin. The brand has distinguished itself thanks to the exclusive concept of the ‘vegetal Homéo-Beauté®’.

A know-how made in France

Sarbec Cosmetics proudly labels 100% of its products ‘Made in France’. The values of the family business are deeply rooted in the country, which ensure the quality from one end of the chain to the other. “It is a real asset for a cosmetics brand to be able to control the quality and traceability of its products from one end of the chain to the other. We even manufacture our own bottles which represents a real gain both ecological and economic. (…) It’s a strong commitment that we take with our consumers, the safety of the beauty and care products they use is their number one concern… so it’s ours!” claims Jacquemet, proudly proving that even in a market as competitive as the cosmetics sector, the French still retain their leadership.576bd182cbdae576bd171ced07_sarbec-laboratoire


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