Hoverboards Burning When Riding

U.K. trading standards officers warned Britons from buying suspicious hoverboards (self-balancing boards, segway-like) because of risk of fire or explosion. According to the British authorities, 88% of all examined hoverboards (about 15 th.) turned out to be unsafe and were detained at the border.8613775-13581377

UK detained about 15 th. hoverboards at the border because of the risk of fire. A warning of that such devices are dangerous was released on Thursday by the National Trading Standards office (NTS). Hoverboards, just like segways, are equipped with liquid and gyroscopic sensors which react to movement. The devices were named after a fictional flying skateboard from the movie “Back to the Future.”

Earlier in the UK and the US were released reports on hoverboards’ risk of fire. The problem is that the market is overfilled with cheap counterfeit devices. Price for them ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,5 thousand. According to the NTS, about 17 th. hoverboards have been examined at the border of the United Kingdom since October 15. 15 thousand of them, that is, 88%, were deemed unsafe and detained at the border. The main risks of these devices are linked to problems with cabling, battery chargers, battery switches, and so on. The British authorities recorded a sharp increase in the number of imported hoverboards, a significant part of them was to be presented as Christmas gifts. The NTS head Lord Toby Harris said: “Our teams at ports, airports and postal hubs documented spike in the number of unsafe hoverboards arriving at these points, and we are working around the clock to prevent them from getting to the shops.”

Some manufacturers are developing the true, movie-like hoverboard. In June, the Japanese automaker Lexus has shown a hoverboard, development of which took a year and a half. However, Lexus hoverboard is able to hover just above the magnetic surface, and its mass production and sales are not planned.

source: bbc.com

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