Samsung unveils autonomous driving and infotainment systems at CES 2018

These are truly exciting times for the auto industry: personalized driving, autonomous driving, infotainment systems, Samsung has them all covered.

In a significant development that underscores Samsung Electronics Co’s plans in the auto electronics market, the South Korean giant unveiled its first series of components for autonomous driving and infotainment solutions which it co-developed along with Harman International.

Samsung Electronics acquired Harman International for $8 billion in March 2017, its biggest ever overseas acquisition.

Incidentally, in the tech market, the automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing segments and with carmakers pushing to add more autonomous features in the race for driverless cars, the segment is likely to intense competition in the near future.

At CES 2018, the annual trade show in Las Vegas, Samsung Electronics unveiled an automotive camera system which features a lane-departure, collision warning and an adaptive cruise control system that it developed in collaboration with Harman.

Samsung plans on ship this camera system to retailers this year. It did not give an exact date for the sale. The camera system has augmented reality and machine learning capabilities built into its system.

Significantly, Samsung also highlighted its “digital cockpit”, a feature which allows drivers to personalize cars even if they don’t own them: the users’ profile is pulled from their mobile devices stored in the cloud.

Samsung also hinted at securing a “leading European automaker” as its client while outlining its plans to deliver 5G capability for cars.

In September 2017, Samsung had announced the setting up of a strategic business unit for advanced driver assistance services and autonomous driving with a fund of $300 million.


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