Sony’s Motion Sonic wristband could be your next flab-cutter

You can not only create some cool sounds while jabbing your hands in the air, but also in the process you could lose some weight too.

Those of you who are interested in motion sensor technology will be interested in knowing that Sony’s wild “Wow Factory” at SXSW will be using the company’s technology to provide you different kind of immersive experiences.

Before you dream up of wires sticking out of your body from sensors designed for a full-body gaming experience, let me clarify it isn’t something as complicated as that. This Sony’s tech is in fact quite unique and super fun and can be used in just about any situation you can think of.

So here goes: Sony’s Motion Sonic Project is essentially a wristband that you strap on, just like a watch. Having done so, the device hooks you up to a tablet and speaks and as you move your body the wrist band starts to produce sounds that synch with your movements.

Although the idea of moving your body to create sound isn’t exactly new, improvements in technology have made it more precise and surprisingly engaging.

If you like dancing, you would be intrigued how moving different parts of your body could make for some weird but rather cool sounds.


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