Warner Bros considering the relaunch of ‘The Matrix’

The Matrix which achieved almost a cult-like status is likely to be relaunched starring Michael B Jordan in full 4K glory.

In 1999 when the first part of the sci-fi trilogy was launched, the movie – The Matrix had not just slick action aesthetics but also revolved around the art of hacking. It extensive use of “bullet time” special effects created a fan following and ensured that it secured a place in the history of cinema.

As per a report that appeared tonight, the studio behind that movie is considering revisiting that franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter has claimed, citing sources familiar with the matter at hand, Warner Bros. is in talks with writer Zak Penn of X-Men 2, Alphas, The Incredible Hulk, Ready Player One, fame to write it and is considering Michael B. Jordan as the movie’s lead star. The new Matrix is far from being ready.

There’s another report, by Deadline on Warner Bros. that states that the studio aims to “create a writers’ room of scribes” so as to come up with ideas for a relaunch.

There’s no update whether the Wachowskis brothers who wrote and directed the original trilogy, will be involved in the new version.

With hacking attacks being a regular thing now, the relaunch of the movie could potentially cater to a larger audience. As for the special effects of “bullet time”, the studio will have to think up something totally new, since the technique has become routine in sporting events for highlights.

Here’s hoping for more fantastic martial arts and clever hacking techniques in the new updated Matrix, although the old one still gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

Here’s a link for those who want to see the trailer of the new one.


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