Scott Stuber could play a big role in steadying Netflix’s movie fortunes

Netflix wants to be a movie studio. However, unlike Amazon Prime Video which runs its content through theatres before streaming them, Netflix has taken a more stringent stand which has the theatre owners up in arms.

While Netflix has been producing some original content at a steady pace, but despite its volume of work, acquiring prestige has proven to be elusive.

So as to attract big time directors and movie stars, Netflix has reportedly hired Scott Stuber, who has got deep ties with Hollywood in order to fulfill its ambitions, said Deadline.

If his name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the movies that he’s worked on should. These include, Kill the MessengerPatriot’s Day, Ted and Ted 2.

Clearly, Netflix aspires to be a movie studio and a big one at that.

As reported by Bloomberg, one of the hurdles Netflix will have to face is that most filmmakers have a theatre experience in mind; not the streaming service these productions will eventually end up in.

In fact, Netflix’s theatrical releases, including day-and-date streaming, have faced staunch opposition from theater owners. Furthermore, being a young content provider, it has managed to snag just one Oscar so far, which adds to the difficulty in the talent hunt.

In comparison, instead of fighting the theatre industry with its streaming service, Amazon provides its movies for a theatrical run before they are streamed.

This model seems to have worked: Jeff Bezos’ film wing has already snagged best actor and best original screenplay in the Academy Awards. It has also received a handful of nominations for 2016’s Manchester by the Sea.

While Netflix could emulate Amazon’s model, it appears that it wants to take the more difficult route of fighting the theatre owners. In this light, it makes perfect sense for Netflix to hire Scott Stuber.

Whether it will succeed in its endeavors and replicate the success of its Tv department, is anybody’s guess.

Here’s hoping Stuber’s reverse Netflix reputation.


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