Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 big on photography, HDR, VR, battery life

Qualcomm’s first 10 nanometer CPU, the 835 is 27% faster, 30% smaller and uses 40% less power than its predecessor.


According to a leaked blog post, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor is likely to be something rather special. Qualcomm has strategically revealed it at CES.

Given the rapidly changing landscape in the mobile world, of which Qualcomm has taken note, the 835 carries a ton of upgrades including significant increase in battery life, much improved positional audio, a much better viewing of VR content.

Shutterbugs would jump with joy to know that Qualcomm has increased image stabilization and zoom capability in the chip which sports a newer signal processor. For us end-users, this will translate to lesser hassle for focusing while snapping pictures.

Furthermore, the 835 is smart enough to merge multiple shots in order to improve sharpness, reduce noise and add HDR effects to the photo.

The 835 will be Qualcomm’s first 10 nanometer CPU. This translates to not only a much smaller CPU in physical terms, but also one that consumes less power.

The 835 is 30% smaller than the 820 and uses 40% less power than its predecessor while running 27% faster.

This means that phones which houses the 835 can be a lot more sleeker and thinner and still provide room for big batteries.

The chip will also support Quick Charge 4: now you can get 5 hours worth of battery life by charging for just 5 minutes.

Naturally, the 835 supports faster wireless (802.11ad, WiFi and LTE) so expect connectivity to be a lot more breezy.

Qualcomm is keeping its tradition of not naming devices which will house the Snapdragon 835. However, given the fact that it will be shipped in the first half of 2017, flagship smartphones and tablets launched in that time frame, think Samsung Galaxy S8, could be sporting the 835 under their hood.

Incredibly, although the Snapdragon 835 is one of the most important products of this year, its lifecycle could be ubiquitous in a matter of months, with another chip ruling the roost.

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