U.S. Security Agencies have proof of Russians influencing U.S. Presidential elections 2016

A leaked “Top Secret Signals Intelligence” classified report could make or break Trump’s presidency.

Although the CIA, FBI and U.S. President Barrack Obama are all on the same page which clearly states that Russia hacked the DNC and influenced the results of the US. Presidential elections of 2016, President-elect Donald Trump who has emerged as the winner, isn’t so sure about these assertions.

“It could be somebody else.” said Trump to reporters over New Years. “Hacking is a hard thing to prove.”

However, it turns out U.S. intelligence has a good track record of tracing security breaches back to the Kremlin.

Ex-NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, has also stated that the NSA has successfully traced a hack back to Russian intelligence more than once.

Case in point: according to a top secret excerpt from a page from the NSA’s internal wiki, the NSA was able to verify the fact that Anna Politkovskaya’s email account had been hacked by Russian Federal Intelligence Services a year before she was murdered in 2006.

The point to be noted here is how the DNC’s hacks have been listed in the wiki. Its been classified as “Top Secret Signals Intelligence”.  The fact that the NSA was able to trace back data packets from Politkovskaya’s hacked email accounts to Russian intelligence is telling.

Naturally the entry by itself does not say how this was traced but the fact of its existence, as an entry, showcases the NSA’s capability to trace such hacks to their source.

Now that the CIA, FBI and most probably the NSA know that the Russians were able to hack the outcome of the U.S. Presidential elections, the question naturally is, what can they do about it?

Given the fact that such intelligence is classified and showcasing it to the public will essentially reveal how it was traced back to the Russians.

Whatever happens is likely to happen before Trump takes oath on January 20.


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