Samsung teases with its dual washer and dryer machine

Although its pricing and shipping dates are yet to be disclosed do bookmark this for a potential future buy – it reportedly does an intelligent job of washing your delicates.

If you think washing machines are boring think again. Although the machine’s entire purpose is to clean your clothes, Samsung wants you to perk up, get excited and take notice of its latest offerings.

The South Korean giant has now unveiled a washing machine that encompasses FlexWash and FlexDry. Although dual washers and dryers have been made before, Samsung’s offering allows you to clean your delicates without disrupting your main load.

If you don’t get excited by these options, in a bid to win you over, Samsung has allowed the appliances to be controlled by a smartphone app.

Now, if even this makes you yawn, the appliance has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

Its SuperSpeed mode can significantly reduce washing cycle time to just 30 minutes (in the right conditions). Its foam based deep cleaning technique can even handle bulky items.

Samsung has yet to mention pricing or shipping dates, so you will have to hold your horses before you can install one at home.

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