France enacts law that aims to balance your life and work

France enacts a law that compels French companies, with over 50 employees, to provide for a breather, in our rat race society.

Turns out the New Year is not just another chance to create new set of resolutions for the year, France has given it a new meaning for many of its employees.

From January 1 2017, France has enacted a law that states that every company which employs more than 50 people should provide its employees a time when they can ignore e-mails and such forms of communications.

While the employer has to make such a deal with its employees, however failing to create such a deal puts additional responsibilities for the employer who has to explicitly outline your rights when you are off the clock.

The whole idea is revolutionary since typically many companies continue to avail the services of their employees even outside working office hours.

However, tech companies could be disadvantaged because of this legal requirement since it could hurt their productivity, after all the internet does not have off hours or take holidays.

It would be interesting to see how this rule will be affected for employees who want to take overtime and put in extra hours.

In an era of working lunches, where companies extract more mileage out of a smartphone, France has taken the road less travelled by and has chosen to respect the balance between your life and work.


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