Netgear’s Home Security Cameras pack a knockout punch

Not only is the Arlos Pro wireless, it has an ultra-wide coverage, is weatherproof, has infrared motion sensors, connects to Apple TV, has a built-in two-way radio, and is scheduled for an update which will give it machine learning capabilities. The only thing it doesn’t do is shoo-off aliens.

The home security camera market is starting to get hot and Netgear is determined to stand out from the crowd.

Its home security cameras tick virtually every checkbox on the list: not only is its Arlos Pro wireless, but it also touts as an ultra-wide 130-degree viewing angle. It’s weatherproof too. You could place it on a tree and it could catch an intruder in pouring rain even if the intruder happens to snoop around at night. Its also equipped with infrared motion sensor technology.

As if those features weren’t enough the Pro also has a two-day radio. So if you are expecting a courier, you could tell him to leave the package at the door.

If you have got an Apple TV, you can also check your camera from it; and to top it all, a motion recognition update, coming later this year, will use machine learning to recognize objects and determine which movement is actually worth your attention. So you could tell it to ignore pets but flag human instead.

Although the Arlo Pro base system will set you back by just $250, extra cameras will however cost you $190 each. Plus, if you are looking for round the clock security you might consider investing into a battery charging station ($60) and backup batteries ($50 each).

Thus, although the entire package could turn out to be expensive but can you really place a price tag on peace of mind? Furthermore, since this is a complete package, you might not even have to invest in another camera for a while.

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