Tyson Foods acquires 5% stake in Beyond Meat

When an all-meat based company invests in a plant-based alternative, it sure is a head turner.

Although Tyson Foods, known for its beef, pork and chicken nuggets, has been all about meet, the fact that it invested monies in a competitor, to own 5% of Beyond Meat, is telling.

Beyond Meat is a California-based company that creates beef-like and chicken-like products using soy, amaranth and peas.

As per Michele Simon, the executive director of Plant Based Foods Association, this is the 1st time she has heard of a traditional meat producer investing in a company that makes protein alternatives.

Although it isn’t clear as to why Tyson is looking for man-made alternative,

Simon mentioned two plausible reasons for the investment.

“The most positive view is that this means the meat industry is shifting away from animal meat to plant-based meat, but I don’t think we know that’s the case yet — it could also be a way of distracting attention from their industrial meat business.”

One of Beyond Meat’s popular offering is called Beyond Burger, sold by Whole Foods as fresh patties right next to their actual counterparts. With the products placed right next to one another, it might have convinced Tyson to invest said an executive from Beyond Meat.

One of Tyson’s executives called the alternative patty as “game changer” and “amazing”.

Not only does the Beyond Burger taste like the real thing, it even oozes out beet juice.

The company said it took them 7 years to develop its products. Like the real thing, its products matches the real patty’s lipids, minerals, carbs, and trace elements.

Until a company releases a product that uses cells grown on real meat in a lab, this plant-based alternative is your best bet if you would rather not eat the real thing.

Here’s hoping this investment paves the way for them to come into the mainstream.


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