Philips launches a new Smart Home motion sensor

The sensor gels well with Philips Hue bulbs.

Smart lights are pretty convenient, but what makes them intelligent is them switching on at the exact moment when you need them without you moving a finger.

Philip has launched a new motion sensor that can help you do exactly that. The $40 device will be made available this October.

“There are moments when you just want things to happen,” said Todd Manegold, leader of Philips Lighting’s connected home arm. These moments could include the scenario when you are coming home with shopping bags dangling from your arms and you need to open the door or go for a hard-to-reach switch. A motion sensor that could open the door, or switch on the light could then be pretty handy – is it not?

Philips’ motion sensor can do exactly that: with a horizontal and vertical detection range of 100-degress the device has a pretty speedy response time.

The sensor isn’t just useful for turning the lights on when you enter pathway or a room, it can even be triggered when in the middle of the night you fumble for a light switch in the dark on your way to the bathroom.

One of its slick feature includes a setting for light sensitivity: its dimmer can make the light easier on your eyes.

Through the accompanying app you can even set time limits for specific room so that when no movement is detected, the sensor will turn off the light after a pre-determined period. This way you could set longer allowances for lights in the bedroom or living room while keeping them shorter in the kitchen or the garage.

Although Philips is not the first company to create a smart home motion sensor, however its products integrate well with one another and are easy to set up, especially for those who already own Hue bulbs.

With this launch, Philips has also announced a new smaller variant of its White Ambiance bulb, as well as a new generation of its White Ambiance and Color lights which provide richer shares of blues and green.


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