The U.S. military prepares for defences against the A.I War

The study should be read in the light of recent technological advances made by countries which have less restrictive policies on killer machines.

Having bolstered its defence against cyberattacks, the U.S military is now focusing on its defending itself against the rise of the machines. Not kidding.

The Department of Defense has prepared a report wherein it has stated the need for the country to take “immediate action” and boost the development of AI war technology.

The study states that academic and private research on AI and autonomous tech is far ahead of preparedness levels of U.S. armed forces.

The recommendations of the study includes the preparations by the Pentagon to gather intelligence on the AI capabilities of other nations and develop “counter-autonomy” solutions.

For example, the military could develop techniques which could overwhelm machines of war.

It would also be prudent if the U.S. funds more research into developing war machines with machine learning capabilities, this could make them more adaptive to battlefield conditions.

The study makes sense in the light of China and Russia having less restrictive policies on machines of war and killer robots.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that the U.S should follow their example, but what it does mean is that the U.S. should develop technologies that can thwart AI systems, before it is too late.


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