Google appoints Airbnb’s Shaun Stewart as director of its autonomous vehicle group

Stewart expertise could be used to commercialise Google’s self-driving car project.

Although Google’s autonomous automated self-driving car project hit a rough patch when one of its earliest team members departed for greener ventures, Google had the necessary wherewithal’s to stick to its plans of turning the experiment into a viable business.

Google has now hired Shaun Stewart, an executive from Airbnb, as director of its autonomous vehicle group. Stewart job will be to commercialise the venture. Although what that entails isn’t crystal clear, veterans from the industry suggests it could be translating the project into a ride-for-hire car service.

Hiring Stewart could be just the right thing, since his expertise lies in short-term travel rentals.

Before his stint at Airbnb, Stewart was the CEO of Jetsetter, a luxury vacation deal site. He certainly knows a thing or two as to how to get services off the ground.

This will be particularly important since driverless taxis are still brand new with loads of detailing that need to be pinned down in the years to come.

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