Amtrak to launch new generation high-speed trains by 2021

They will be manufactured by Alstom. Yet another “Made in America” product.


Although it’s great to travel by Amtrak especially on the Eastern seaboard, you wouldn’t typically associate hi-tech with the brand.

This image is however set to change within a couple of years as the company plans on infusing $2.45 billion in its next generation trains. It will also utilize this loan from the federal government to significantly upgrade the Northeast Corridor.

Of the loan amount, $2 billion has been allocated towards acquiring new train cars, announced U.S. Vice President “Amtrak” Joe Biden in his home station in Wilmington, Delaware.

The acquisition of the nee train cars will help boost the Acela fleet by 40% in 2021, when they are scheduled to go into service.

Amtrak has reported that the availability of seats in the new trains will will jump by 1/3, more USB ports will be available for charging gadgets and the quality of the WiFi, finally, will be significantly upgraded. Their top cruising speed will be 186mph, pretty fast for trains. Japan’s high speed trains max out at 200mph.

Their designs will also feature improvements and be more aerodynamic. Thanks to their designs, energy consumption is expected to drop by 20%.

95% of the trains will be built in the state of New York by Alstom.

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