Brazil backs U.S.-led global alliance for Huawei-free 5G Network

In a significant development, the Brazilian government said it has backed Washington’s push to build a global alliance of Clean Network that excludes technology companies that are manipulated by governments including China’s Communist regime.

The development came in the wake of Keith Krach, U.S. Under secretary of state for economic growth, energy and environment, advising Brazil to not to buy 5G telecom gear from Chinese network equipment provider Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, which he termed as “the backbone of China’s global surveillance.”

Huawei has repeatedly denied being a security risk despite the fact of China enacting the National Intellugence Law which compels its companies and citizens to acts as spies on behalf of the government.

 “Brazil supports the principles contained in the Clean Network proposal made by the United States,” reads a joint U.S.-Brazil statement.

It goes on to read, the initiative is “aimed at promoting, in the context of 5G and other new technologies, a safe and transparent environment compatible with democratic values and fundamental freedoms.”

Meanwhile in Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, nearly 50 countries, 170 telephone companies and many of the world’s leading companies have come on board.

“It includes 27 of 30 NATO allies, 31 of 37 OECD members, 26 of 27 EU members, and 11 of 12 of the Three Seas nations,” said Pompeo.

Washington has offered Brazil financing options to buy 5G telecom network equipment from Nokia and Ericsson, rather than from Huawei.

However, Brazil’s top four telecos have already begun testing Huawei’s equipment ahead of next year’s auctioning of the 5G spectrum and have said, they are reluctant to reduce options.

These four telecos did not attend a U.S. embassy invitation to meet Krach on Friday in Sao Paulo, said industry sources since the invitation was “not compatible with free-market choices.”


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