Apple to launch its first store in India on Sept. 23

On Friday, in a statement Apple Inc said, it will launch its first online store in India on September 23; the date of the launch assumes significance and is strategic since it coincides with India’s festive season which routinely rakes in some of the biggest sales for retailers every year.

Currently, Apple sells its products in India through e-commerce firms such as Inc and Walmart Inc-owned Flipkart.

With a wireless subscriber base of more than 1 billion users, India provides fantastic growth opportunities for smartphone makers. Furthermore, India also provides cost effective labor to make the devices as well.

Apple assembles some of its phones, including the iPhone 11, at Wistron and Foxconn plants in two southern states in India.

Through its online retail platform, Apple plans on offering customization options for customers in Hindi and in English; it will also allow users to engrave their Apple Pencil, iPads, and Airpods in English as well as in a handful of Indian languages, including Bengali and Gujarati.

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