Twitter Announces New Policy For Preventing Manipulated And Misleading Content

Tweets that contain “manipulated media” which aim to mislead people would soon be labeled by the company, Twitter said on Wednesday, and added that is would also initiate measures that will include removing tweets that it deems to contain that that has the potential to endanger public safety or cause voter supression.

Twitter also announced a number of other measures that include flashing a warning sign for users before they share or like tweets that contain ‘synthetic and manipulated media’ and bring down the visibility of such tweets on the micro blogging platform.

There has been increasing concerns globally about the proliferation of altered, forged content on social media as well as deepfake videos and the severe implications of such content. These measures by Twitter are aimed at reducing those concerns as far as its platform is concerned.

“If we believe that media shared in a tweet have been significantly and deceptively altered or fabricated, we will provide additional context on the tweet. This means we may apply a label to the tweet, show a warning to people before they retweet or like the tweet…,” the microblogging platform said in its latest blog post.

Some of the other measures that have been updated by the company include bringing down the visibility of the on Twitter and not allowing such tweets being recommended, and providing extra explanations or clarifications, as available, such as a landing page with more context.

“In most cases, we will take all of the above actions on tweets we label. Our teams will start labeling Tweets with this type of media on March 5, 2020,” Twitter said.

Twitter will also consider whether the content has been substantially edited which has the effect of bringing in fundamental changes and alterations of the composition and sequence of the content which will help the company to determine whether the media has been significantly and deceptively altered or fabricated, the company said.

Any removal or addition of any visual or auditory information — such as new video frames, overdubbed audio, or modified subtitles, will also be considered by the company under these new measures.

Among other considerations that twitter will make is the step to consider whether any media depicting a real person has been fabricated or simulated. The company will also take into account whether the context in which the media is shared could result in misunderstanding or could end up suggesting a deliberate intent with the intention of deceiving people about the content.

Twitter will also consider the context provided alongside media which will include the text that accompanies a tweet and the metadata related with the media.

Twitter said that under this policy, the company will remove tweets that share manipulated media if it believes that it can cause harm.

According to Twitter, the definition of the term ‘harm’ could include “threats to the physical safety of a person or group, risk of mass violence or widespread civil unrest, threats to the privacy or ability of a person or group to freely express themselves or participate in civic events, voter suppression or intimidation.”

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