Hackers access a further 185,000 payment cards at British Airways

British Airways has clarified that customers who were potentially impacted by the hacking attack are those who opted for reward bookings between April 21 2018 and July 28 2018 using a payment card.

In yet another hacker attack, the International Airlines Group disclosed following an investigation into the theft of customers’ data at its British Airways unit, it discovered that personal information of a further 185,000 customers have been stolen.

In September 2018, British Airways had apologized after hackers were able to access credit card details of hundreds of thousands of its customers.

BA stated, it was in the process of notifying the holders of another 77,000 payment cards that the name, billing address, email address, card, payment information including card number, expiry date and security codes had potentially been compromised; further, payment cards of 108,000 users without the security code have also been compromised.

Of its original estimate of 380,000 cards, British Airways said only 244,000 have been affected by the hacking attack. However, after the latest revision, the total number of payment cards potentially affected by the hack has risen to 429,000.

British Airways has however confirmed that it had not come across any verified cases of fraud since the announcement on September 6, 2018 while adding that potentially impacted customers were only those making reward bookings between April 21 2018 and July 28 2018 using a payment card.

BA’s spokeswoman has clarified that the airline would reimburse customers who suffered financial losses as a direct result of the data theft.

The hacking attack has come 15 months after the carrier suffered a computer system failure at London’s Heathrow airport, which stranded 75,000 customers over a holiday weekend.

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