Google Sacked Over 4 Dozen Employees Since 2016 Over Sexual Harassment

48 people which include 13 senior managers have been so far sacked by search engine giant Google since 2016 over allegations of sexual harassment.

Google is knowingly being harsh on people on issues of inappropriate conduct and the tech giant has decided to take a “hard line”, said the chief executive of the firm Sundar Pichai in a letter sent to the employees recently.

This letter was a reply or an explanation given by Google to its employees in response to a news report that was published in the New York Times recently hat claimed that an exit package of $9i0 million was being given by the company to the creator of Android Andy Rubin despite the fact that there were a number of charges of misconduct against him.

The news report did not carry nay comments from Rubin according to his spokesperson that the newspaper had spoken to.

Launching of a venture capital firm and technology incubator called Playground was the reason that Rubin had decided to leave Google back in 2014, Sam Singer said.

At the time of his departure, a “hero’s farewell” was given to Rubin, said the news paper report.

The New York Times story was “difficult to read” and Google was “dead serious” about providing a “safe and inclusive workplace”, said Pichai in reference to the news paper story in the letter addressed to the employees.

“We want to assure you that we review every single complaint about sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct, we investigate and we take action,” he continued.

Pichai added that no exit package was given to any of the employees who had been dismissed in the past two years.

A Google investigation found the woman’s complaint to be credible, the news paper reported, but the company has not confirmed this.

Rubin had said earlier that he had left Google of his own accord and that he had not bene involved in any form of misconduct.

These claims by the t5ech company is surely set to add on to the already growing demands of stopping a male dominated sexist culture in the Silicon Valley companies.

“In a normal world this would mean Rubin is done, but tech has not just been forgiving, some tech sees little wrong with this I’d like to think Google will clean up its act if anything to avoid having a retention problem with their female employees,” tweeted Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, there was a drop of over 3 per cent in the shares of Alphabet, Google’s owner, in New York, following announcement of it’s third quarter revenues of $33.7bn which missed by the market estimates. The fall in shares happened despite the company increasing its net profits by $2.5bn to reach $9.2bn which was exceeded the market expectations.

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