A Smartphone With Foldable Screen Within A Year: Huawei

Huawei’s chief executive has pledged that the company will come up with a smartphone with a fold-out screen in just about a year.

CEO of the firm Richard Yu said this during an interview with a German newspaper Die Welt. He said that Huawei is “already working on it”.

It has been quite a few years now that the South Korean tech giant Samsung has been undertaking tests of a foldable version of its Galaxy F even as reports in the media of the detail of its design and features have been elaborated. But the company has been deferring its launch because of the tricky nature of the development process. In a recent communiqué, the company said that it may unveil some of the technologies that goes behind the making of the foldable phone as early as this November. And the company’s senior executive told the media that the company was gearing up to deliver a foldable smartphone into the market very soon.

However there have been a number of analysts who have expressed doubts about the commercial appeal of foldable phone displays.

On the other hand, Huawei has said that its foldable phone would replace the personal computer. “Why are you still using a computer?” said Yu, while answering a question by the German newspaper Die Welt about the tec innovations that the company is slated to come up in the near future. “Probably because you find a smartphone display too small. We will change that. It is conceivable that you could fold out a display”, he told the newspaper.

He added that his company was working on such a device and would be able to deliver the product to the users as soon as a year from now.

This plan by Huawei is apparently in direct confrontation with that of its rival Samsung as both the companies have targeted to be the early bird in the market to develop a smartphone that has a foldable display screen in one form, or the other.

“The industry is very close now to foldable phones becoming a commercial reality,” said Ben Stanton, at market research firm Canalys.

He however stated that many tech consumers would be interested by the idea of a fold out screen in a smartphone that would be able to replace the computer.

“It almost feels with foldable displays that technology companies are using this as something to highlight how innovative and technologically advanced they are… without really considering the nuts and bolts that would make it a commercial success,” he added.

The interview of the chief executive of Huawei also revealed some of the possible features of the smartphone with a foldable screen. He also hinted at the  company coming up with a number of other devices with new technologies such as those with that 5G and with better AI features.

“The smartphone comes after the smartphone,” Yu said in the interview which hinted that there would not be replacement of the device soon. “It is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of users. There is no device that is more personal. It will be the key, whether at work, in private life, when paying or entertainment. And with Artificial Intelligence it gets even smarter”, he said.

(Adapted from BBC.com & TheInquirer.net)


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