Online Child Sexual Abuse To Be Fought By Google With The Help Of AI Tech

A new form of artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is going to be used by the U.S. tech giant Google so that it is able to adequately to reduce and control the spreading of spurious contents that deal with child sexual abuse online. This announcement was made by the company early this week.

The technology that the company would be using for the discovering and then deleting of child sexual abuse material that is spread online would include a cutting-edge state of the art AI technology that makes use of deep neural networks for processing images that indicate child sex abuse.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other “industry partners” would be provided the new technology free of cost in the form of an online tool that is completely based on the deep neural networks.

“Using the Internet as a means to spread content that sexually exploits children is one of the worst abuses imaginable,” Google Engineering Lead Nikola Todorovic and Product Manager Abhi Chaudhuri wrote in the company’s official blog post.

The two Google engineers said that service providers, NGOs and other tech firms would be significantly empowered by the new AI technology to be able to enhance the efficiency of detection of child sexual abuse material and thereby reduce the content being exposed to human reviewers.

“Quick identification of new images means that children who are being sexually abused today are much more likely to be identified and protected from further abuse,” they noted.

“We’ve seen firsthand that this system can help a reviewer find and take action on 700 percent more child sexual abuse material content over the same time period,” they added.

There are a number of large tech companies in the world that have grown more receptive to the adoption and use of AI and to leverage the benefits of various facets of AI for the detection of multiple types of child sexual abuse material that are often found on the internet such as nudity and abusive comments that are related to children. This announcement by Google is representative of the renewed commitment by the company to combat child sexual abuse material incidents and related content that are spread online through the sharing of “the latest technological advancements.”

Google has been involved in the act of combating online child sexual abuse through cooperation with some of its partners. Such partners in the fight include the Internet Watch Foundation – a Britain-based charity, the Internet Watch Foundation, the Technology Coalition and the WePROTECT Global Alliance in addition to a number of other NGO organizations.

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