Lower Rated Passengers Of Uber In Australia & New Zealand To Be Banned By The Company

Those Australian and New Zealand customers of Uber with low passenger ratings would be barred from availing its services by the ride hailing company.

Those customers who have a passenger rating that is four or lower out of five stars will not be allowed to avail the services of the company. The passenger ratings are given by drivers for the customer that they carry after every ride.

Company said that enhancing passenger behavior is the aim of the measure.

The Australian and New Zealand markets were chosen by Uber to introduce the new rule after the company analyzed driver feedbacks from multiple markets.

Uber said that the company had also introduced the same policy in the Brazilian market earlier in the year but this is the first instance that the company has rolled out the feature in an English-speaking market.

The company however did not comment on the exact number of passengers from among its 2.8 million users in Australia and New Zealand have a rating below 4.0 but a spokesperson confirmed that the number was only “a few thousand”.

The company says that it believe4s that a significant majority – over 90 per cent of its users in the two markets have passenger ratings that are at least 4.5. A number of warnings would be given to the passengers before Uber bans them form the service through the new method that is slated to be initiated from September 19.

Those passengers who have scores or ratings of 4.0 or below would have had to receive a number of one-star ratings from drivers, said Susan Anderson, general director of Uber in Australia and New Zealand. She said in a television interview that those people with the low ratings are those who are miniscule in number and who allegedly have engaged in repeated ill treatment of the drivers.

It is expected that the passengers would be given some basic respect and courtesy to the drivers, she said. The various forms of poor behavior included the passengers not being at the pick-up point that they indicated the app while hiring a cab, or opting such pick-up places that are unsafe areas on the road.

“Be polite and considerate. Take your rubbish with you and don’t make a mess in the car,” Anderson said.

Last month, passengers were sent a number of tips and guidelines by the company so that they are able to improve their ratings given by the drivers.

(Adapted from BBC.com)

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