Some Information About Dyson’s Electric Cars Are Emerging

Some details of the secretive electric car program of Dyson has been revealed by the company itself.

Plans doe another round of investments worth £116 million ($151 million) for the building of test tracks of 10 miles and offices for 2000 employees at a former Royal Air Force base in England has been announced by the company on Thursday that is more known for its vacuums and hand dryers.

A statement issued by the company on this issue said that it had sought permission to construct tracks for testing of the maximum speed of vehicles and maneuverability of the vehicles as well as the performance of such vehicles on hills and off-road terrain.

“We are now firmly focused on the next stage of our automotive project strengthening our credentials as a global research and development organization,” said Dyson CEO Jim Rowan.

Dyson founder James Dyson had anounced last year that the UK based company would be entering the race for electric vehicles where the largest of the global automakers are pitted against the top-notch companies of the Silicon Valley to be the early bird in the electric vehicles industry.

The company now has plans to develop its first electric vehicle by 2021wiht an investment of £2 billion ($2.6 billion), the inventor and entrepreneur had said then. Since then the company has employed 400 people who are engage din the project at the airfield which has been purchased by Dyson in 2016. The company also plans to recruit 300 more employees for the project.

Almost £84 million ($109 million) has already been spent for the overhauling of the base and for restoration of the two hangers by Dyson. Renovation and construction work on three additional buildings would get over in the next few months, the company has said.

So far, there has bene very little details made public by the company about the electric vehicle that it hopes to develop. The company has also not given any details of the place where the vehicles would be assembled.

Based on the current product range of the company, analysts say that the one can expect the electric cars to be innovative and be highly priced. Dyson vacuums sell for up to £500 in the United Kingdom, and $700 in the United States. The company had also ponce launched a hairdryer that was priced at $400 a piece.

“What we’re doing is quite radical,” Dyson recently t5old GQ.

The market for electric cars is expected to be crowded ne in some years.

For example, last year Volkswagen announced its plans to expend over $60 billion on the development of battery cells in its race to electrify all its 300 models in its range by 2030.

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