Apple likely to unveil gold colored Iphone X with LCD screen on Sept. 12, 2018

Technology news website 9to5Mac has confirmed that the photos it had put up of the gold colored iPhone X phones were not mockups but models resembling the current iPhone X.

On September 12, Apple Inc is scheduled to host an event at the Steve Jobs Theater in its California, campus, where it is widely expected to unveil new iPhone models.

According to analysts, Apple could release 3 new iPhone models this year. They also expect Apple to release a more pocket friendly iPhone with an edge-to-edge display using cheaper LCD technology.

Apple’s invitation to the event made rich use of the gold color fueling speculation that it could launch a gold-colored successor to the iPhone X. In fact, as per documents filed at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which were unsealed earlier this year, Cupertino had sought approval for a gold version of its iPhone X; it has so far not released the phone in that color.

Following Apple’s announcement, technology news website 9to5Mac posted photos of two gold colored iPhone models resembling the current iPhone X, stacked on top each other. As per 9to5Mac, the new flagship model is likely to be called the iPhone XS.

Apple also plans on releasing a new version of the Apple Watch with a larger display in the event.

According to 9to5Mac, the photographs it displayed were not mockups but represented Apple’s actual planned products; it declined to say how it had obtained them.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment about the authenticity of the photos.

With the news reaching the market, Apple’s shares were up by 2.2% touching its all all-time high of $227.97 per share.

For years now, Apple has released new phone models during the second week of September and has often used such events to update other product lines.

Apple has already updated its base-models of iPads MacBook laptops this year.

Apple also typically starts selling its new iPhones a few weeks after launching them, timing its sales with the holiday shopping season.

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