Carl Icahn takes a stake in cloud computing platform VMWare

Since Carl Icahn’s stake is below the 5% limit, which warrants public disclosure of the stake amount, it isn’t clear as to what his agenda might be for taking this position. However, VMWare/Dell IPO is looming on the horizon.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has acquired a stake below 5%, in VMware Inc, a cloud computing platform.

A stake above the 5% threshold warrants public disclosure. Since Icahn’s stake is below that limit it is unclear as to what his agenda might be for VMware or Dell.

Incidentally, in February 2018, Dell, which has a 80% take in VMWare, had stated it was exploring an IPO for either VMWare or VMWare in combination with Dell.

In 2013, Icahn had unsuccessfully attempted to block Michael Dell’s $25 billion offer to take Dell Inc private.

VMware declined to comment on the report.

Carl Icahn or his representatives were not immediately available to comment outside of regular U.S. business hours.


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