launches international shopping feature in its Android and iOS mobile app’s updated mobile app allows customers to browse, purchase and have their items delivered to their home country. Online shopping is now just a tap away!

In a move that ups the ante against its peers,, the world’s biggest online retailer, has launched an international shopping feature that will enable customers across the world to shop for 45 million of its online offerings, which can then be bagged and shipped to their country.

The international shopping feature, has been enabled on’s mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

Available in five languages, including English, simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, Brazilian and German, it allows consumers to purchase products outside their home markets and supports 25 currencies.

More languages and currencies will be added later this year.

The updated app, allows customers to choose different shipping options and delivery speeds.

The international shopping feature will display pricing information, shipping costs and import duty estimates; Amazon will manage courier service and customs clearance in case of potential surprises at the time of purchase or delivery.


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