Qualcomm to pay $13.35 million in fines in Taiwan

The U.S. chipmaker’s business model has created a series of legal setbacks. Apple has also charged it over similar legal issues.

On Tuesday, Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission stated Qualcomm Inc will pay $13.35 million (

T$390 million) as its first installment of the fine imposed by it for violations of anti-trust regulations in Taiwan.

The first of 60 installments that Qualcomm will have to pay, for a total fine of T$23.4 billion on the U.S. chipmaker, is spread across five years.

Qualcomm is grappling with issues surrounding its business model.

Earlier, Taiwan’s FTC said Qualcomm had a monopoly over the chip market for several ‘so-called’ modem technologies and refused to license them to other industry players.

The fine is the latest in a year-long streak of fines imposed by regulators on the U.S. chip makers and comes in the wake of Apple dragging it to court over many of the same legal issues.

In December 2016, South Korean regulators had imposed a fine of $854 million on Qualcomm for violating its competition laws; in 2015 Chinese regulators had imposed a $975 million fine over many of the same legal issues.


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