Nautilus’ autonomous drones could drop airfreight rates by 50%

The startup will need a lot more funding before its drones can become reality.

Did you ever wonder why some companies prefer to ship vide ships instead vide air? It most probably is because air freight continues to remain expensive. The additional cost of crew and fuel quickly adds up.

As per Natilus, self-driving drones could offer a solution. An autonomous Boeing 777 could haul cargo up to 200,000lbs over the ocean.

This could in theory bring down the cost of air freight by 50% and significantly improve fuel efficiency. As for safety regulations, these drones will take off and land at seaports, so they wouldn’t be crisscrossing the skies over populated areas.

The idea could work and there is a practical roadmap for making it a reality.

This summer, a 30-foot prototype is scheduled for a test run near San Francisco. If all goes well, the next step will see the launch of a full-scale prototype scheduled for launch in 2020.

Even if the tests are successful, Nautilus could still face significant hurdles in its quest. With a capital of just under $1 million, Natilus will need more financial backing before its drones become a reality.


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