Adidas can knit you a customized body fitting sweater in just 4 hours

Adidas extensively relies on cutting edge 3D Printing and robotics to deliver customized sweaters in just a matter of hours.

The sneaker industry typically takes 12 to 18 months to design, manufacture and ship clothes to retailer’s shelves. Adidas aims to shorten that cycle to a matter of hours.

To that end the German company has opened a pop-up shop in Berlin that allows customers to design, manufacture and buy a customized merino wool sweater for $215 (200€).

The process starts with the customer entering a dimly lit room in which he can select from a range of designs and patterns which are projected onto his chest.

Having made his selection, the customer can then adjust the color to his liking on an adjacent touchscreen.

As for the sizing, the customer can either strip down to his bare minimum for a 3D laser body scan or select from the standard size of Small/medium/Large.

Once he has selected the sweater’s size, the sweater is knitted in the store, hand-finished, laundered, dried and packaged, all within a matter of 4 hours.

You can now close your jaw.

This isn’t the first time that Adidas has tried to boost its manufacturing process and speed. Throughout the company’s manufacturing plan, it employs robots extensively. It has also dabbled in 3D printing.

The “Knit for You” store has been open for a couple months now reportedly sells 10 sweaters on a busy day.

Currently, Adidas is studying the store’s performance to determine if it will expand the service to other locations.


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