Lucid Air starting price range to begin at $52,500

All luxury electric car manufacturers appear to be gunning for Tesla’s customers.

When the Lucid Air was launched in 2016, all of the hype surrounding its debut was overridden by one pertinent question: would you have to sell your kidney for it or would its pricing be close to Tesla’s Model S?

Thankfully you can keep your kidney where it is for Lucid has said a resounding “yes” to the question. Be prepared though to shell out a sizeable amount for the Lucid Air, whose starting price is $52,500, under the Tesla’s Model S $71,300 as well as the Tesla Model 3.

However, if you are looking for an excuse to splurge, Lucid promises to provide many incentives for it.

At the entry level, Lucid’s offering will provide you with a model that has autonomous driving, which is kind of a big deal since to get that feature Tesla demands $10,000 extra.

As for the all-important mile range, you get a decent 240, the equivalent of 400 horsepower with rear wheel drive, a 10-speaker audio system, LED headlights, 19-inch wheels, the three-touchscreen cabin and 12-way power seats. Clearly you won’t be hurting for comfort.

If you want more power and creature comforts you will have to shell out a little more.

Your options include a batteries for 315-400 miles, upto 1,000HP in a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup and an active suspension system. You could also upgrade both front and back seats and have better wheels and audio system.

What could be worth upgrading is the signature glass canopy roof, which gives you a feeling for riding in the open.

IF you don’t mind doubling the asking price of $52,500, you could all of these perks in your Lucid Air.

Early adopters are hereby cautioned to have well-padded bank accounts.

Lucid informs that during launch, the first models reaching customers will be variants of the 255 Launch Edition. Options for it include a 315-mile battery, 21” wheels, a more powerful audio system and a 1,000HP motor.

The all juiced version will cost over $100,000, says Lucid.

While all of this is still talk, once they are available, it is to be seen how Lucid’s cars compares to Tesla’s models.

May the best win, consumers are the king.


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