Levis to unveil the world’s first smart jacket this fall

Expect the Levis Commuter to set you back by $350.

The future with Google appears to be very promising: its Advanced Technology and Products group which creates innovative stuff like Project Jacquard, which turns everyday objects into interactive, gesture-controlled surfaces.

While that was in the past, the Levi’s Commuter jacket is its current obsession. The researchers have threaded technology that turns denim into a conductive fabric and once attached to a Bluetooth device you can touch the connected areas to trigger actions from a paired smartphone.

Case in point: by brushing your fingers on the jacket, you can find out what time it is; you could even use gestures to control music.

Levi’s has disclosed that it is collaborating to the project to support additional gestures, all of which could ultimately lead to the world’s first smart jacket.

Battery life is supposedly at 2 days. The Bluetooth device can be easily unclipped and charged via USB.

All of these benefits come at no cost to style and comfort. Levi’s new Commuter looks just like any of its denim jackets. In fact, you could even throw it in the washing machine without worrying, so long as the Bluetooth device isn’t attached to it.

Expect it to hit the stores this fall for a cool $350. According to Levis, more of its product could use this technology in the near future.


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