Adidas to work with third party to personalize fitness experience

Adidas appears to be looking for partners for its fitness products.

Apart from providing Adidas a major boost in its fitness technology efforts, the acquisition of Runtastic gave the company more than 100 million users. Since then, Adidas has focused on making the app, a bigger part of its business strategy.

Last month, keeping in view of this, Adidas announced the shutting down its MiCoach platform, which had earlier been powering a suite of fitness and health products, in favour of consolidating it with Runtastic’s.

The company is not stopping at just that, it is preparing to take the next step to open the Runtastic platform to third parties for a more “personalized” experiences.

“It’s not just about ‘Can we develop a new piece of hardware that is a standalone Adidas ecosystem,'” said Burr. “You’ll be seeing that we’ll be opening up a bunch of our content and know-how to other third party devices, and [making] it more of an open platform scenario so that we can extend onto other people’s devices as well.”

Adidas is aiming to provide a customised fitness experience to its users, since everyone seems to take a different approach to training or working out.

“It’s not about creating these monolithic experiences that we want everyone to be in, in the same way,” said Burr.

Although Burr has not provided a timeline at the moment, something seems to be cooking: expect either the launch of an app or that of a wearable “down the road.”


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