Hyundai’s green vehicles provide more efficiency than range

In a tactical move, Hyundai has preferred to focus on efficiency rather than mile range in its new green Ioniq range of cars.

Although Hyundai has been dragging its feet on the Hybrid technology front, the Korean automaker is serious on playing catch up: the company has decided to launch three Ioniq green hybrid vehicles in the market.

The company disclosed that for the last eleven years, it has been researching green vehicles that fit with its brand. As a result, the cars that it has launched are not only gentle to your pocket, but also reliable and green.

Hyundai’s strategy could well payoff: its hybrid will set you back by just $22,200 while the pure electric variety will cost only $29,500. These prices are before federal tax credits.

There is however a catch: Hyundai has focused on efficiency rather than range. Instead of packing the entire bottom of the car with batteries, Hyundai has placed a modest 28kWh battery pack under the rear seats.

As a result while the Chevy Bolt has a range of 238 miles, the Hyundai electric Ioniq has a range of 124 miles. Do note that the starting price of the Bolt is $37,500, i.e. $8,000 more than Hyundai’s Ioniq EV.

If you like the additional buffer in your bank and don’t mind a little drop in range in exchange for improved efficiency, you would be pleasantly surprised by Hyundai’s Ioniq line

Its pretty hard to disregard Hyundai’s value offer. If you are not sold on its efficiency angle, perhaps it’s the cash angle that could make you a buyer.

Hyundai has announced a three-year subscription plan for the electric Ioniq which includes free scheduled maintenance, unlimited mileage and charge reimbursement.

The hybrid is available now, the plug-in hybrid is scheduled to hit the roads during the quarter of 2017.

While being aware that it is entering a crowded market space, Hyundai is aiming at the entry-level market and is hoping to eat into Toyota Prius’ market share.

Although it may have taken quite a while for Hyundai’s offerings to mature, one thing is sure – its green vehicles can compete with the rest of the crowd. For those looking to buy a smart low-cost hybrid, or an EV, the Ioniqs should figure on your short list of cars.


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