Are you game for a Hoverbike?

Although the bike has yet to reach mass production stage, for the adventure seeking lot of you checkout the video mentioned below.

Although a bike that can fly, a hoverbike, might seem like a cool idea, unless you have a one-limb-less wish, you may want to hold on to that thought.

While Hoversurf, Scorpion-3, an electric quadcopter bike that offers both automatic and manual control, is billed by the company as safe due to its “state of the art flight controllers” which keep track of the bike’s speed and altitude among other thing, the reality of the situation is that you are just a jolt away from losing your legs thanks to those unprotected blades.  Also you will have to master sitting on a motorcycle that is unrestrained.

However for those adventure seekers amongst you lot, who don’t care about losing just a limb or two, you will have to wait for the Scorpion-3 a while longer, since it has yet to reach mass production stage.

It is very much possible that the design could undergo change between now and its formal launch, but until then do give that daredevil in you some rest. As for the arm-chair daredevils, checkout this YouTube video of the bike in action

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