McDonald engaged engineers to redesign its drinking straws

McDonald’s new straws hit a new high of perfection. Take a look at the video on how engineers redesigned the humble straw.

Of all the technological innovations coming out in this world, would you ever think that the humble straw can be redesigned? Surprise, Surprise. A team of aerospace and robotic engineers did exactly that.

As part of McDonald’s new marketing push for the new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, which has a 50% layer of McDonald’s standard chocolate milkshake with the remaining 50% being covered with McDonald’s minty seasonal favorite on top, engineers redesigned the straw so that customers don’t have to wait for the shake to melt before they can slurp on the perfect mix of chocolate and minty fresh flavors.

With a regular straw, customers can slurp up only one part of the shake at a time. Engineers from NK Labs and JACE Engineering carefully designed the straw’s J shape such that you could suck in both layers all at once.

Although, the problem appears trivial, it would surprise you to know that the new tubular device required some highly complex computational fluid dynamics simulations to get the flow exactly right and make sure it works at the bottom end of your shake just as it did on your first sip.

So the next time you are busy slurping away at your Chocolate Shamrock Shake, you will be glad that McDonalds has gone to great lengths to ensure that you enjoy your last drop of shake.

Here’s a fun fact for STRAW –the acronym stands for “Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal”.

Do take a look at this video on the pains engineers took to redesign the humble straw.


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