An encryption service in the age of Trump

Keybase chat works seamlessly across your existing handles, including, email, Twitter and Reddit. It can also combine all of these handles into a single profile.

When Keybase had released its first simplified solution of encrypted file sharing, users could send data to one another without the need for a third party software.

In its second edition, Keybase is bringing that same level of security and simplicity of operations to its encrypted messaging chat service – Keybase Chat.

Unlike the rest of the crowd, including Signal or WhatsApp, Keybase Chat can work with existing usernames and existing email accounts. There is absolutely no need for any exchange of e-mail address, phone numbers or even encryption keys.

“Our goal is end-to-end encryption with minimal friction,” writes Chris Coyne,

Keybase’s co-founder in a blog post. In fact, Keybase Chat is so seamless in its operations that those who haven’t even signed up for Keybase can send Keybase Chat messages to anyone else on the net.

For example, if you wanted to send a message to Mike, you could simply add his Twitter or reddit handle @malgorithms into Keybase Chat and a secure message will be left in his secure inbox.

After you have left, if someone else joins the chat, the app will check for proof of identity with the server never having to handle the decryption key. You could think it in terms of a distributed encryption as opposed a central key server setup.

Keybase can also consolidate your many handles into one single profile with each of your active devices having their own private key.

For more advanced users, Keybase also provides Forward Secrecy, command line access, public broadcast messages and an API for building bots and scriptable services.

Although currently the service provides some basic blocking and muting features, in the near future, the company has promised that “more advanced blocking / reporting / nuking features” will be released.

Keybase is currently available for Linux, Windows and for macOS. A mobile version will be launched “soon.”


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