Model 3 pilot production likely to begin on Feb 20

Production of the batteries for the Model 3 have already begun in Tesla’s Gigafactory. Check this video for more details on the Model 3.

For those amongst you who are anxiously awaiting the delivery of Tesla Model 3, here is some fabulous news for you. Reuters has reported that Tesla is set to start production of what is slated to be its most economical model in its repertoire, on February 20.

According to the Reuters report, which cited anonymous sources “familiar with the matter,” Tesla is likely to announce the commencement of this production at the time of release of its fourth-quarter earnings. Clearly its timing is rather fortuitous.

Before you get too elated, do note that this is only to test its production lines and that the actual production will only begin a little later. Also, given its mixed record of sticking to targets, it is possible that the February 20 target date could be extended. But let’s hope that Tesla manages to stick to its targets.

What is incredible that Tesla is already at this phase of Model 3 development.

Incidentally, it already has begun the mass production of the batteries which will feature in the Model 3, at its Gigafactory. Barring last minutes changes to the Model 3’s final design, Tesla should be able to start manufacturing the Model 3 pretty soon.

And when it starts, count on us to let you know about it.


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