Snap Inc. AR lenses has great potential for advertisers

Its AR lenses allows just about any object to be used as a billboard.

In the next iteration of Snapchat’s Lenses could be a significant evolutionary step: The Information has reported that Snap. Inc is developing a smarter version of its world lenses and cute filters which could overlay images, including advertising, onto almost any real-world objects.

Last year, Snap had revealed an alpha version of its world lenses which allowed users to a world of augmented reality filled with floating Ghostbusters characters or falling snowflakes.

Snap Inc has sunk in millions to improve the augmented reality features on its lenses, while eyeing potentially big bucks from advertising revenues.

In its report, The Information has cited sources stating that Snap’s much upgraded system can identify objects and wrap them in an AR layer, which essentially turns just about any object into a billboard.

This development provides new and exciting branding opportunities for companies.

With Instagram and Facebook adopting many of Snapchat’s features, it is is crucial for the company to improve its user base before it goes public. No wonder the company is looking to fill its product basket with this AR lenses which is likely to be snapped up by advertisers.

Branded filters have been a boon for the company in the past.

Snapchat is now testing the AR feature in an internal version of the app. Advertisers have not yet got their hands on it.

Its filter-obsessed fan base, is likely to see some of these AR features in unbranded versions, before the launch of full-fledged advertisements versions.


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