Netflix’s developers create a mind control interface

Netflix developers create a mind control interface in the company’s annual Hack Day.

In a technological feat that could drive up sales, in Netflix’s annual Hack Day, the company’s developers came up with a slew of neat tricks on how to improve the streaming service.

Out of its crop of hacks, the most interesting one is named MindFlix: the trick allows you to control and navigate Netflix with your mind.

In its video demonstration of the technology, the developers showcased how a person wearing a Muse EEG-detecting headband can scroll vertically and horizontally through Netflix’s interface. When the cursor has landed on the title of choice, thinking of the word or action, “Play” will play the clip.

Although this is more in the nature of a technology demonstration, however, it has the potential to go mainstream in the near future. It could make Netflix more enjoyable to watch since as consumers life will become easy and less mobile.

Netflix however, doesn’t immediately have plans to implement this technology. According to the company’s blogpost “they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day.”

If it did however, the results could be pretty mind blowing.


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