Ireland becomes the world’s first country to stop investment public funds in fossil fuels

The industry for alternative energy sources is only set to grow.

In a big step towards green energy, Ireland has decided to slice out coal and oil from its energy footprint.

The country’s parliament has passed a bill that stops the country’s investment in fossil fuels. The move has yet to become law since it will be further reviewed.

This perhaps makes Ireland the world’s first nation to completely eliminate public funding for fossil fuel sources. Even countries such as Iceland, which have committed to tossing non-renewable energy out of their usage, have been outdone by Ireland.

Put forward by Deputy Thomas Pringle, who views the matter as a source of “ethical financing.”, the bill aims to send a message to energy companies that climate change is real and is caused by us, humans.

Notwithstanding Ireland’s miniscule geographic size, this huge effort could push other countries to drop their support for conventional energy sources which could have a stronger environmental impact.

In the U.S. for example, the new leadership has gone to great lengths to suppress the science behind climate change and protect the investment that has been sunk in fossil fuels.


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