With the 100D, Tesla provides the world’s biggest mile range on an EV

335 miles is the latest world record for an electric vehicle on a single charge.

Tesla has shown that its super luxury EVs are not only blazingly fast but they can traverse huge distances on a single as well.

While earlier Tesla beat Faraday Future with a model which focuses on mile range instead of speed, its latest Model S P100D, has now taken that mile range even further.

Tesla has quietly started selling the Model S 100D, which has the same battery pack as the P100D (P for Power), but lacks the performance enhancing tweaks.

Tesla’s Model S 100D has the best mile range so far for any electric vehicle in the market. It offers a 335 mile range compared to 315 for the P100D.

Tesla has also released the Model X 100D which has a mile range of 295 miles compared to its performance variant’s mile range of 289 miles.

So, if you can afford to spend $80,000-plus on a luxury EV, investing in the 100D seems like a no-brainer. The 90D model , in both the Model X or S, costs just $3,000 cheaper.

The larger battery in the Model X provides it an extra mile range of 38 while the Model S gains an additional 41 miles.

As pointed out by users in Tesla’s forum, the main difference between the 100D and the P100D is the drivetrain. The P100D option offers a bigger rear fitted with a “high performance motor,” which gives its more oomph while sacrificing efficiency. Check out this product page for more details.

As pointed out by Elon Musk in the performance launch post, the model P’s battery has been upgraded to safely increase battery output.

So to recap, while with the Model S 100D you could do a 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, with the Model P100D you could do the same with 2.39 seconds, especially after it received the new Ludicrous Plus mode.

So if speed is what gets you going, you know what to buy. However, if you are after range, do note that the P100D costs almost $40,000 more than the 100D and provides a lesser mile range of 20 miles than the 100D. That could make the difference between making it home or being stuck on a freeway.


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