Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to set up shop in Toulouse, France

France is playing host to the future of transportation technology.

It turns out that there are two companies which are in the process of creating Elon Musk’s transportation of the future. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has explored a few routes with cities.

The company has now revealed that it will soon set up shop in a 3,000 square meter facility in Toulouse, France for its research purposes.

Like the most part of its business, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has clarified that it hasn’t had to pay to take control of the property. In its statement, the company explained that the city of Toulouse will be “providing” the building and some outdoor terrain which will be used to conduct experiments.

The local government has provided the HTT the Francazal Airport and it will soon turn it into an “innovation park”.

While Hyperloop One has devoted much of its focus to regions in Asia, UAE and the U.S., Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has focused its attention to European cities.

It would seem the two players have split their targets.

Although it’s too early to say, the split could have implications further down the line.

The development is testament to HTT’s CEO, Dirk Ahlborn’s knack of scoring high-prized assets for his company without spending a dime.


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