Intel’s sensor could provide a whole new in-store shopping experience

Its sensor packed platform helps not only consumers but retailers as well.

Although technology is continuously reinventing your shopping experience, Intel wants to lend it a helping hand and speed things up.

Intel is launching a Responsive Retail Platform which essentially standardizes your in-store shopping experience with a common set of sensors, components and a software kit.

The platform promises to revolutionize shopping by allowing you to personalize it, it can help the retailer keep track of inventory as well as provide feedback on consumer’s buying habits.

The project could add to Intel’s revenue stream since many stores may not be able to cough up for the entire comprehensive solution and may instead turn to Intel to provide the info for their needs.

In order to ensure that there is a sizeable number of retailers on its platform, the chip maker will be investing more than $100 million spread across five years in the retail industry.

Although it is still uncertain as to what a complete solution from Intel would look like, Intel is slowly revealing the lid on its technology, which includes a virtual reality preview of store layouts, for one.

It wont be surprising if Intel’s tech piggybacks on the Internet of Things.

With the number of shipments in the PC industry declining in recent years, this could be a hedge against that.

Although it’s hard to tell whether Intel’s endeavour will succeed, it could up its chances by increasing the number of retailers aboard its ship.


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