Greenpeace catch tech giants with their dirty data centres

Although the lists only takes into account their energy usage and does not factor in their attitude, many tech giants will have to source their energy requirements from alternative energy sources to better their grades.

Although almost everyone on the planet craves for high speed internet access, it turns out that data centres that power them have a high environmental cost.

In its latest published report, Greenpeace has described data centres to be the 21st century equivalent of factories. It turns out that those Netflix videos that we binge watch has an environmental cost attached.

Way back in 2009, Greenpeace starting researching the energy consumption of the IT sector. After some amount of study, the nonprofit organisation has placed Apple, third year in a row, at the top of the dirty pile. In 2011, it came in last.

Do note that the lists only factors in their energy consumption rather than their overall attitude towards the environment.

Companies, including Google, Facebook and Apple are placed at the top of the list.

Companies which didn’t provide their energy footprint were given F scores for not doing enough for the environment. The list includes notables, such as Twitter, Hulu and Reddit. Hopefully they fare better in the future.

Trailing at the bottom were well-known tech giants such as Amazon Web Services, Netflix, ASUS, HBO, Samsung’s IT services division, and ACER. Their poor scores reflect high energy consumption.

The 102 page report compiled by Greenpeace, breaks down the energy mix of each data centre, their individual transparency and their attempts to secure alternative sources of energy.


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